In recent years I’ve shied away from sci-fi series, where I was once a huge fan of the genre in shows, books and films. The release of US series BrainDead in mid-2016 and Brazilian Netflix series 3% at the end of last year were my first forays into the genre in a long time. BrainDead has similar themes to Circle in some aspects (aliens + bugs). It was pretty great with a fantastic cast. BUT if you haven’t seen 3%, I would 1000% recommend – it’s one of, if not the best, execution of dystopia/utopia I’ve ever seen or read. I’m hoping Circle gives it a run for its money…

Circle is one of the dramas I was most excited about this year. As it began airing, I was near the end of semester and too busy to watch diligently – but I also knew that this drama was one I would want to watch all at once. I would need to watch it all at once because I’m legendary for forgetting the beginnings of dramas when I watch them week by week. Now that the drama has finished, and I’m on holidays, I decided to give it a go today. This review is posted after watching the first 3 episodes – the first quarter of the drama – and so it’s really only first impressions.

I’ll go into this saying I adore the cast. Kim Kang Woo, Yeo Jin Goo, Gong Seung Yeon (my new fave after My Only Love Song) and everyone else are wonderful actors – even before watching the drama I knew the acting would be great. A small bit of praise: Ahn Woo Yeon has done an amazing job of building up small but fantastic roles in the last year or so (after checking his Wikipedia, it turns out I’ve seen him in every single one of his dramas) and his character in Circle is no exception. The characterisations from the other actors are nothing like anything I’ve seen of theirs before, which is in and of itself incredibly refreshing – I can’t even say how many instances I see where actors (even good ones) seem to act identically in each role they have.

adore how they’ve split each episode in half into present and future. Each half is mysterious and doesn’t pull any punches, and there’s a full 30-35 minutes (if you’re marathoning like me) until you get to see what happens next. The reveals (especially in the present) take their time but are rewarding and shocking – whether expected or not. I feel a lot more connected to the present because the overall storyline is a lot clearer so far, whereas the future needed time to orient us to what’s happening (I’m still confused, but I’m hoping that’s the point) before big revelations occur.

I’m really enjoying everything so far. Definitely looking forward to the rest.

Now to start episode 4…


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