Quite a few of my shows and dramas have finished in the last week or two and since I’m on holidays I’ve had the chance to marathon and catch up on a few dramas. I’ve made posts on dramas that I’ve recently finished, but there are a few that are currently airing and a few I’m struggling to finish marathoning. I’m hoping there are some new and enjoyable ones starting to air soon. Here’s my current state of watching…

Currently Watching:
Korean – The Best Hit (E17), Crime Scene 3 (E09), Lovers in Bloom (E21), Ssam My Way (E11)
Taiwanese – The Perfect Match (E18 – last episode)
Chinese – Fighter of the Destiny (E41), Shan Shan Comes To Eat (E02) – marathoning both

Recently Tried But Abandoned Early:
Chinese – Princess Agents (E02)

Recently Finished:
Korean – My Only Love Song
Chinese – Because of You, Ode to Joy 2
Norwegian – Skam

Dramas I’m Looking Forward To (although I may have to wait a while on some):
Korean – Age of Youth 2, Man Who Dies To Live (maybe), Mojito, The Package (WHEN?), Strongest Deliveryman
Chinese – An Oriental Odyssey, Flowers Shall Send Us On Our Way (technically started airing but I’ll wait to see if there will be subs), The King’s Woman, Let Me Understand Your Language, Oh My General, Tears in Heaven, When We Were Young


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