Daily dramas are one of the toughest genres to get interested in: they’re slow, they’re often melodramatic, and there are a lot of episodes to keep on top of. But they’re also refreshing, they’re a constant thing each day that you spent 20-30 minutes on, and, despite the overly dramatic content sometimes, they’re probably the most realistic when they centre on families. Lovers in Bloom is no exception. But despite a short interval of corruption in the police force, it’s been largely empty of the normal melodrama – this may be because it’s set in a police station and about normal families (and a loan shark’s family, but let’s not get into that) or because they’re waiting to start the melodrama in later episodes… who knows? But overall, it’s an enjoyable watch and I would entirely recommend it for anyone that’s a fan of weekend family dramas. For anyone who watched Five Children, there are at least four familiar faces (one as a cameo) but playing very different roles to previously.

The plot centres around a newbie female police officer who is a widow and provides for her mother, twin brother and daughter. Soon, a new superior arrives at her substation and becomes her partner – yet his cold, all-business-no-emotions attitude is directly at odds with her compassionate views. A secondary romance is in the cards for her twin brother and a culinary researcher (the daughter of a loan shark) whose office is in the same building as his. In a twisted form of fate, the culinary researcher’s brother is the second lead, who falls for the police officer after some unfortunate misunderstandings and injuries. I have a tendency to like second leads in family dramas and this one is no exception (he’s a wounded little puppy lashing out to protect himself), but even in the last five episodes, it’s been adorable seeing the male lead soften and begin developing feelings for the female lead.

It’ll be an interesting next 100 episodes… start watching now!


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