Cute, fluffy, and quite distinctly lacking in actual asshole characters, My Secret Romance was adorable but mostly lacked any heart-fluttering romance that would keep me interested. I enjoyed the drama overall, and it was a great example of how worker-boss relationships can be balanced, but (shockingly) I think it could have even been broken down to 10 episodes. The breaking up (which I normally don’t mind in dramas) seemed a little out of nowhere and a bit forced, and that it kept going for multiple episodes with the last two episode basically as filler just made it a boring ending for me.

Romance: fluffy. Their trip to the hotel where they got together was adorable and wonderful and probably a highlight of the drama. My most anticipated moments, when the male lead thought Dong Goo (the female lead’s toddler brother) could be his son, were hilarious, but I thought would be more ridiculous and would last a little longer.

Acting: good. I don’t have much to say about this because I mentioned it in my last post about this drama. I was pleasantly surprised by the leads. Sung Hoon’s slowly been building up his skill, and while he’s a little stiff at times (even when he’s not intending to be), he’s really developed as an actor (shown by how adorable his character was in Five Children) and can hold his own in a role very well. I haven’t seen Song Ji Eun in anything before but she was good, although I personally didn’t like her character.

Characters: interesting. Sadly, I was more excited about the resolution for the second leads than I was for the leads. I’m glad they got their cute moment and their dating start. Overall, there were no real frustrating storylines in My Secret Romance – nothing cringeworthy or boring – which was a pleasant change from some rom coms that insert something stupid to run alongside the romance. My only boredom came from the last few episodes of nothingness.

Rating: 3/5 stars. Would rewatch some day maybe.


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