I had strong misgivings before starting Suspicious Partner. The writer’s most recent drama (Hello Monster) devolved from interesting and case-based to lost in a winding overarching narrative that sympathised with murderers. The writer’s drama before that was All About My Romance, a light, funny politics-based drama that truly surprised me and I really enjoyed. Hopefully, Suspicious Partner veers towards light-hearted but the crime-based plot already fills me with dread for the eventual plot.

Brief synopsis of the first four episodes: We start the drama with Noh Ji Wook as a prosecutor: dedicated to justice and stubborn in all facets of his life. Eun Bong Hee is training to be a judge and will be an intern to a prosecutor for a few months. (You can see where this is going, can’t you?) When she sees her boyfriend cheating on her, she vows revenge with the next person she bumps into: Noh Ji Wook. Nothing happens, but she gets drunk and wakes up at his house, runs away and turns up at her new office to find out that he’s the prosecutor she’ll be working for. Her ex-boyfriend gets murdered (by a man – henceforth called Murder Dude), she is accused of the crime… stuff happens… she gets freed but everyone thinks she did it and her life becomes quite difficult. YEARS later, she’s forced to move in with Noh Ji Wook after Murder Dude leaves a threatening note in her office (where she lives).

I wasn’t too interested in the Bong-Hee-Gets-Arrested storyline (too convenient and trope-y to be novel), but it thankfully only lasted an episode. I love cohabitation and (from the teasers I’ve seen) the idea of them working together. I’m also so excited about the two leading ladies (both awesome, strong characters, it seems) becoming friends – I just sincerely hope the fact that they both like Noh Ji Wook doesn’t get in the way of friendship.


  • Murder Dude being mysterious or whatever (I don’t care)
  • Murder Dude in general
  • Prosecutor-in-Charge-Guy (ex-boyfriend’s dad) being all stubborn and corrupt
  • Why does there have to be a murder subplot? Large-scale murder side-plots in legal dramas have been pretty boring since I Hear Your Voice. Gimme more rom-com scenes.
  • I like Nam Ji Hyun as an actress but the expression in her voice never changes and always sounds so babyish? (I’m clearly reaching now, the cons stop here…)


  • The cute, rom-com bits
  • This is the first drama where I’ve actually liked Choi Tae Joon’s character.
  • More cohabitation shenanigans?
  • Ji Chang Wook
  • Ji Chang Wook
  • Ji Chang Wook

I’m looking forward to seeing where the drama goes. Fingers crossed for more cohabitation and upcoming romance…


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