This is only my second Chinese fantasy drama (Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms was my first) and I’m really enjoying it so far. I’ve watched three episodes today and am hoping to watch more tonight and slowly through the week. I watched Peach Blossoms as it aired, so there wasn’t much marathoning I could do, except when I got so impatient I ended up watching a few episodes without any subtitles to find out what happened next. Fighter of Destiny is a lot easier for me to follow than Peach Blossoms was: it’s quite explicit from the beginning and even slowly introduces the fantasy elements so that I’m not as confused by ‘cultivation’ and ‘formation’ as I was in my first foray into the genre.

Quick synopsis/summary of the first episode: In a flashback, we see an empress sacrifice her son (who disappears) to save her land because his blood will save it (magic blood?). In present day, a little kid (Chen Changsheng) has been listening to the story. He lives in the forest with a Taoist master and another young boy. Changsheng’s blood is magic (coincidence? unlikely). He can save people but his magic blood, he finds out years later, is probably going to kill him. So however many years later (he’s not 20 yet), he sets off on a quest to find a way to save himself from death.

Overall, it’s an interesting premise. While the idea that he’s the long lost son isn’t new, the fantasy aspect and his quest has already really separated it from most plots within that trope.

I’ve always like Wu Qian’s characters/acting in dramas so I’m already a staunch supporter of her character Luo Luo. Although it seems like she’s definitely not the lead, she’s already had the most character development other than Changsheng. Changsheng has already made two friends by episode 3 and, by the end of episode 7, he, Luo Luo and the two friends are becoming a wonderful group of friends.


It’s funny seeing Luhan in a drama (years ago I liked EXO) but he’s actually a pretty good actor and there’s no “oh gosh why do they hire idols” running through the back of my mind. From what I’ve heard, he’s been mostly focusing on acting for a while – well done to him for making a great (and quick) transition from music to acting well in lead roles.

I’m not even a 10th of the way through the drama, so no strong opinions or realisations as of yet, but so far I’m really enjoying Fighter of the Destiny and will be marathoning as much and as fast as possible!


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