We’re technically past the mid-point of this drama (episode 11 aired over the weekend and it’s only 19 episodes), but OH! did things change in Episode 11 and we need to talk about it…

Before I definitely convince you it’s worth trying, a short synopsis:

A famous chef finds out he’s being compared to a street food seller and goes to confront her. After an argument, the street food seller bets him that she can learn to cook his dishes in seven days if he teaches her. Over the seven days, they learn about each other and begin to develop feelings…

I marathoned the first five episodes of this drama when I saw a post online with cute pictures, and have been watching ever since. While there are some less interesting bits/characters in the drama (I’m really only watching for the romance… not family competition), it’s never been outwardly disappointing except for one scene (no spoilers, but it’s problematic). Cooking rom coms are generally adorable (Love Myself or You, Oh My Ghostess, Coffee Prince, Sukina hito ga iru koto… the list could go on) and I’ve been really enjoying the slow burn relationship growth between the leads of this drama for the last eleven episodes. They go from competitors to enemies to chef and protegée to friends to crushes… to fake engaged. I loved that they went there. Except for the occasional culinary challenge and romantic adversaries, there isn’t much left to deal with in the drama. But, with eight episodes to go, they’ve introduced two of my absolute favourite tropes: fake engagement and cohabitation.

I’m incredibly excited.


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