A month ago, I wrote a very excited post about this drama. The first 30 episodes matched my thoughts – cute, thoughtful and never too boring. But from Episode 30 onwards, the drama veered towards unnecessary melodrama. With only 14 episodes to go, it could have easily stuck with the route it was on, but instead focused on Su Mang (the female lead)’s ex-husband coming back, her ignoring Zheng Chu (the male lead) and eventually returning to London alone. The lovely secondary couple of Tang Guo Guo and Su Chang were the only happy couple for much of the last third of the drama. Tang Ming, realising he loves Xiao Qiu, is tricked by Zheng Chu’s ex (Xiao Qiu’s sister) into a compromising position that drives her away……… to her death?!?!?!?!?? I would have really liked this drama overall, but the last 14 episodes (and especially the last 4 episodes) fell flat with me – it felt like an entirely different drama overall and I can’t help thinking that had it continued as it did, it may have become one of my favourites.

First half of the drama: 4/5 stars
Overall drama: 2.5/5 stars.


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