Note: This is coming a lot later than I intended, and we’re now about halfway through the drama… so this’ll be a short post, but… here we go.

Overall, it’s not an new premise. Guy and girl have a one night stand, are changed by it and meet again three years later. But the way that it’s executed is cheesy and cute, and way more respectful than a lot of first encounters between male and female leads, especially when it’s sexual. I feel like they’ve put in a lot more effort to develop the male lead as a character with backstory, and while the female lead has some, it seems a lot more forced.  Both characters are adorable and clearly horrible at liking each other, so their bumbling efforts to avoid/go near each other are just plain cute.

The acting was never going to be amazing. I’m a fan of Sung Hoon (he really shone in Five Children) but I’d never say that he’s a strong actor (yet). Similarly, an idol with little acting experience didn’t bode well, but they’re both doing a consistent job and aren’t wooden-faced or over-actors, which is a pleasant surprise and makes the drama a bit easier to watch.

My biggest anticipation for the middle part of the drama is the male lead seeing the female lead’s little brother (born around 9-12 months after their first encounter?) and thinking it’s her son. I’M WAITING, SHOW….

Definitely never going to be a favourite drama of mine but it’s cute and fluffy and there’s not too much antagonism (the female second lead is horrible…) to worry over, so it’s a drama that I’d definitely rewatch sometime in a few years. Would recommend for anyone that likes fluff, boss-worker romance, and food-related shows.


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