I’ve developed a strong love of Chinese dramas in the last six months (I’d previously watched about 3-5 but am now well into the 20s) and am constantly excited by what’s coming next. As I finished Across The Ocean To See You (final thoughts post coming soon) and my other daily drama, I’m looking for some new dramas to fill the void. Here are a few that I’m currently evaluating and one that I’m anticipating in the next month.


As of twelve hours ago, I’d seen the first sixteen episodes of Surgeons. I like the leads, and the secondary characters are getting more interesting, but I’ve never found my self able to care about hospital (or workplace) power plays. Despite the premise of a prominent cardio-thoracic surgeon joining the hospital to investigate the mystery of his mother’s firing 30 years previously and get revenge on those involved, the first seven episodes weren’t too amazing. By episode 12, however, personal drama and a hint of romance had started. I’m already very much looking forward to more subbed episodes.

April Star

“Uber melodrama” is the only phrase I can think of when it comes to April Star. I’ve been watching sub-less so I won’t go into much detail (for fear of getting some things wrong, fact-wise) but overall it’s just incredibly melodramatic. However, not necessarily in a bad way. Painful backstory, blackmail, tv presenter-businessman secret romance, missing sister… and I’ve only seen the first 10 episodes. I’ll definitely keep going because I love a good melodrama and Chinese dramas manage to do it in a way that doesn’t make me want to rip my own head off in frustration.

Fresh Teachers

I haven’t watched an episode yet of Fresh Teachers (I’m guessing it’s too much to ask for it to be subbed?) but will likely be starting tomorrow or over the weekend. No clue on actual plot, but from a MV, I can tell that they’re all teachers and the male lead likes the female lead who likes a science teacher? It looks cute and has male-lead-pining-for-female-lead, which is one of my absolute favourite tropes.

Ode to Joy 2

YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY! Can you tell I’m excited about Season 2 of Ode to Joy? I marathoned the first season just a few months ago, so I’m well and truly still obsessed and can’t wait to see what happens in Season 2. I read a post online that had spoilers from the book (no spoilers here) but if they follow the book to some degree, it’ll be an interesting season to say the least. (Side note: I absolutely adored CEO Bao from his first entrance and was so glad that he continued to appear near the end of Season 1 and will feature heavily in Season 2.) Overall, I think expectations are high for Season 2 but from the trailer, it looks like it’ll deliver. I’m waiting anxiously for May 11!


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