I was always going to watch Tunnel, if only for Choi Jin Hyuk. The addition of Yoon Hyun Min, Lee Yoo Young and a great selection of secondary cast members to what seemed like an interesting plot made it a necessary watch. I’m now weekly looking forward to what comes next.

The dynamics within the show are really interesting, with the three lead characters each affected by their own issues in the past, two of which are related to death as a result of crime.

Choi Jin Hyuk may have travelled from the past while chasing a killer (the killer of Yoon Hyun Min’s character’s mother) but the present is equally unhelpful in finding people – he can’t find his long abandoned wife, nor the killer in the present day. So he’s stuck investigating a missing man with the same name as him and other violent cases until he can find a way back to the 80s. I have a feeling that he never really will.

(Spoilers: I like that they took 7.5 episodes before addressing the daughter subplot, which was explicitly mentioned in the synopsis, but it would have been smarter not to mention her in the description at all and let the plot develop naturally, without expectations. End of spoilers.)

Yoon Hyun Min’s character is doubly haunted – once by the death of his mother by an unknown killer and once by the escape of a horrific murderer who was in his grasp – but is intrigued by both the mystery and oddness of Choi Jin Hyuk’s character and the cold but all-seeing character of Lee Yoo Young. It’s a great, albeit strange, team that has slowly assembled and the other detectives offer a hilarious respite from the dark themes and crimes underpinning the rest of the drama.

Overall, the cases have been dealt with well – neither too fast or two slow, with measured attention also paid to overarching plotlines – and there doesn’t seem to be an ominous corruption looming ahead (which tends to be the derailment of most crime dramas), so I’m optimistic about the back half of episodes and looking forward to finding out what will come next.



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