I’m a sucker for basically any rom-com. Thus, I was very excited to read the description of upcoming (now currently airing) Chinese drama Across the Ocean to See You. 

“Romantic hijinks ensue between a warm subordinate and his prickly boss when they become neighbours.” [here]

Neighbour relationships are adorable and often go from antagonistic to friendly to supportive to loving. Across the Ocean to See You doesn’t disappoint in this sense and it’s nice to have seen that development even within the first 6 or so episodes. It’s one thing to have a little bickering before a couple realises the other person is actually kind of okay, but more than 8 episodes of total antagonism is just frustrating and boring – so I was really happy to see at least a step away from that. I’m now 12 episodes in and overall the drama’s cute and enjoyable: when I woke up this morning (Sunday), it was the first thing I wanted to watch. At this point in a drama I’m normally skipping over scenes with supporting characters I don’t care about, but I’m actually liking or at least understanding the motivations of everyone.

There’s no official, clear romance happening yet, but as friendship and closeness develops, it’ll be starting soon…

Across the Ocean to See You is released twice daily Mon-Sat on DF and three daily on VK.


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